PT. Jasa Global Binakarya

PT. Jasa Global Binakarya or known as JGB is a trusted partner that provides services and business development based on professional management. Carefully and accurately, the goal is to use existing resources to achieve efficiency and effectiveness so that business growth and profitability can be achieved in a sustainable manner.

With the support of human resources, there are various experts from various disciplines and strategic business partners, with adequate educational background and interdisciplinary experience, the company can carry out good learning / research activities. Survey, planning, design, evaluation, budget planning, management and supervision. We maintain good relations with our stakeholders, such as government agencies and business partners, making us a trusted partner.

In addition to implementing professional services, PT. Global Services Binakarya also conducts technical cooperation both domestically and internationally, depending on the level of service provided. As a trusted partner, the company guarantees the investment activities required by the parent company in the context of new investments and investment expansions or changes.


To be a trusted partner for mutually beneficial business development and professional services.


Partner satisfaction in our commitment

Improving human resources professionally to achieve the right and right goals

Our priority is the interests of our partners as part of integrity management

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Land Aquisition



Soil Investigation

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Management Construction

Cut and Fill

Retaining wall

Main Construction


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